FTB Host by Mineocity Hosting

FTB Host by Mineocity Hosting aims to provide quality, easy to use, and afforable Feed The Beast server hosting. While our name is geared towards FTB we have all available multiplayer Feed the Beast mod packs available on our panel for instant installation and use.

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We offer a wide range of plans to meet the needs of server admins of servers on any end of the spectrum. We have plans that fit the needs of people running a server for just a few friends to admins running servers for large communities.

Our standard features are designed to make sure you have everything you may require from the start and make it all accesible and user friendly. We dont beleive that the customer should be charged for basic features such as Dedicated IP addresses.

All FTB Host plans include the following by default:

Automated Mod Installation

Support for all official FTB packs

Full FTP Access

Dedicated RAM

Multicraft Control Panel

Free Web Hosting

Free Sub-Domain

Dedicated IP

Instant Setup

We also include 45 days of Enjin Premium for free!


1024MB Dedicated RAM

10 Slots

Dedicated IP Address


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2048MB Dedicated RAM

22 Slots

Dedicated IP Address


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3076MB Dedicated RAM

36 Slots

Dedicated IP Address


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4096MB Dedicated RAM

52 Slots

Dedicated IP Address


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About Us

Mineocity Hosting was started in 2011 as a brand of Minecraft Server Hosting that to put it simply was intended to be simple.
Since 2011 we have grown at an astonishing rate that has allowed us to create partnerships to benefit the customers who realize how great we are at what we do.
We know what its like to run servers when the server you rent lag. We know that lag takes the fun out of gaming so we have built our system to remove all types of lag that we can.